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How to complement wood flooring trends in 2022

If you’re putting in wood flooring, you’re probably looking to coordinate your window coverings. So, today, we’ll explain the popular styles and how to complement wood flooring trends in 2022 with your choice of blinds.

Complementing natural tones

Unfinished or natural wood finishes are increasing in popularity. This is now combined with a sustainability focus that screams eco-friendly. So, to coordinate with this trend, you’ll want to ensure that your blind is made from sustainable fabric too. Think light linen or heavy cotton – depending on your home’s location and ambient weather.

Blinds for natural tone wood flooring

Fabric Box Arona Stone Roller Blind – Made from a sustainable fabric, the neutral colour of this roller blind coordinates with any space adding softness and interest. And, because it has no significant colour definition of its own, this style is great for rooms that change with the season.

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Parquet flooring in grey

Visually-interesting parquet flooring has increased in popularity over the years, particularly in grey. The zagged design is striking from a distance and can give the illusion of depth when laid correctly. To avoid busying the space with more linework, consider a solid roller blind pairing. This will prevent any visual clashing and you can make it fun with a deeper shade instead.

Blinds for parquet flooring

Splash Sloe Roller Blind – Keeping with the cooler tone of the grey, try a roller blind in dusty purple. It will add colour and dimension to the space without adding any eye lines. Plus, this fabric is softly light-filtering to reduce any disruptive midday rays.

Bleached wood flooring

Bleaching your wood lightens the colour and softens the grain. But if you don’t want to do that, you could simulate this bright, light colour with a PVC grain version. Great for reflecting natural light and keeping a space looking open, pair bleached wood flooring with a neutral, cream or white vertical blind that carries the effect through for a floor-to-ceiling look.

Blinds for bleached wood

Louvolite Trellis Cream Vertical Blind – To draw the eye upwards but keep the same visual theme, try a neutral-coloured vertical blind like this fine example from Louvolite. It’s perfect for a Scandi-designed space or minimalist room with soft-toned wood flooring.

complement wood flooring trends in 2022, How to complement wood flooring trends in 2022, Made-to-Measure Window Blinds Direct

Weathered wood flooring

Made from reclaimed wood sources, weathered wood bears its marks of use proudly. Usually a darker tone, this flooring style is great for throwing out the handbook and committing to deep, rich hues. But that doesn’t mean you need to stay in the dark ages. For this wood type, we love a warm blue or burgundy motorised roller blind to bring the technology forward while suiting the vintage style.

Blinds for reclaimed wood

Motorised Splash Sapphire Roller Blind – Configurable for Amazon Alexa or Google Home, these modern automatic blinds offer a rich compliment while staying true to the warmth of the weathered wood with a warm undertone. Link all the blinds in a room together to create a programme for morning and night that adds convenience to your space.

That’s our helpful guide on how to complement wood flooring trends in 2022. Not quite what you’re looking for? Browse some of our bestselling blind styles here.