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What ‘antibacterial blinds’ really mean

Antibacterial blinds are increasingly popular. In the last two years, they’ve become more common as concerns around public and personal health remain. At Blindzonline, we carry the popular Carnival fabric from Louvolite. Today, we’ll explain what ‘antibacterial blinds’ really mean, why these blinds are so popular and what goes into them.

What is Ultra-Fresh™?

The first technology at play is a treatment with Ultra-Fresh™ that prevents microbes from growing on fabric. In short, it keeps odour-causing fungi and bacteria at bay. This means that you’ll need to deep clean your blinds less often. They’re ideal for personal and commercial settings where you need to ensure a fresh and sanitary environment. They prevent the growth of spores and similar. Basically, it’s this tech -plus an antiviral agent like Coronasafe™- that most people call ‘antibacterial blinds’.

What is Louvolite Coronasafe™?

Next, the fabric goes into independent tests to ensure it kills 99% of the coronavirus. This is within an hour of its landing on the surface of the blinds. This test uses the feline strain as human pathogens aren’t available for commercial testing. However, according to the documentation, “It’s currently used in other EN methodologies and has been tested in ring trials, proving to provide reliable and repeatable results. This allows the test teams to confirm that any result on feline coronavirus would be representative of the results achieved on the pandemic strain, if it was tested, and that they are repeatable by other laboratories.”

antibacterial blinds, What ‘antibacterial blinds’ really mean, Made-to-Measure Window Blinds Direct

What is Pollergen™?

Then, in hayfever-centric Britain, it’s great to gain the benefits of Pollergen™. When the pollen lands on the blind fabric, it denatures up to 50% of grass pollen. This can reduce the amount entering a room and help to relieve symptoms of hay fever. And this technology bears the Allergen UK seal of approval. Plus, according to a post on the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce website, “All Pollergen™ fabrics can be washed or wiped down with little effect on the pollen reducing qualities. This is because the active formulation continuously migrates to the surface of the fabric, providing many years of protection.”

Why look for Greenshield technologies?

Fabrics that feature the Greenshield mark get tested to high standards. These tests confirm that no harmful VOCs or hazardous substances get released into the environment in significant quantities. This is an important component of clean air in the home and in our office & healthcare spaces. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are gases that come from products like untreated fabric. Overall, they are either harmful themselves or mix with common gases and household chemicals to become harmful. Since blinds are subject to high UV and extreme temperatures, it’s important that you’re using safe materials under those conditions.

antibacterial blinds, What ‘antibacterial blinds’ really mean, Made-to-Measure Window Blinds Direct

Featured: Louvolite Carnival Coronasafe Papaya Roller Blind

The Louvolite Carnival Coronasafe Papaya Roller Blind combines all these technologies into a safe and durable antibacterial blind. It’s simple to install and easy to wipe clean. Plus, this soft, neutral beige colour is perfect for most rooms and blends subtly with all other decor elements. Reduce hayfever symptoms, kill 99% of coronavirus and maintain an odour-free home with these lovely antibacterial blinds from Louvolite.