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How to add accents of colour to your home

Many of us prefer to keep the walls of our home neutral. It can be daunting to paint an entire room a brighter or bolder colour, so it’s no surprise that some of the top paint choices in 2020 were stone greys, linen creams and other natural, earthy tones.

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However, whilst we may love these sorts of colours for the walls, some might want to incorporate colour elsewhere. Luckily there are several ways you can do this without having to redecorate your entire home. Blinds, accessories and artworks can all help introduce colour, and here we will explain how.

One of the simplest ways to add accents of colour is to turn to soft furnishings and textiles. Items such as cushions, throws or rugs can help lift a room and help to showcase your personality and style.

Neutral walls can make for great backdrops for art. Photographs, paintings or any other type of artwork can create a focal point of the room and draw the eye to certain colours and textures. This, in turn, gives the room an added depth and sense of character. However, remember to avoid placing artwork in direct sunlight. To protect it install a window blind to help filter the sun and safeguard your artwork.

Depending on the room in question, certain centre pieces can bring colour and vibrancy to your home’s style. Vases and other ornamental pieces strategically placed on coffee tables or other items of furniture will help introduce the colour that you seek. 

Finally, you can turn to your window dressing to help add to your home’s colour palette. Curtains and blinds are a great way to introduce colour to your home. The added benefit of using your window dressing to add colour, is that it can be dialled up or down. When your blinds are down, or curtains are drawn, you can enjoy an increased colour injection, but there is also always the option to have the blind up and curtains open, scaling back the colour when necessary.

Our selection of roller blinds come in an assortment of colours and prints, so if you think your windows are where you want to add an accent of colour to your home, why not try with a roller blind. You can view all our roller blinds here.