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Choosing the Child-safe Best Blinds for a Kid’s Bedroom

Sprucing up a kid’s bedroom with blinds instead of curtains is a great idea, especially if you are redecoration a nursery. Blinds are not only so much tidier aesthetically, but they are also much easier to operate. The best part is there are so many designs to choose from. The key to successfully decorating children’s bedrooms is to create a warm, nurturing space and one that reflects a child’s interests using child-safe blinds.

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Choose Child Safe Blinds

Child-safe blinds are an absolute must in their bedrooms, playrooms, or nurseries. The blinds you install must be totally safe for children. Fortunately, today you can find child-appropriate blinds with specific safety devices incorporated into their designs.

A professional should install the blinds in a child’s bedroom so you have peace of mind the job has been done securely and professionally. This reduces the risk of a blind coming loose and injuring a child if it should ever come loose.

Blackout Blinds

Installing child-safe blackout blinds in their bedroom is a great idea because they allow more control over the amount of natural light that enters a room. Younger children are never eager to go to bed when it’s still light outside. With blackout blinds, it’s easier to get them safely tucked away because they think it’s dark outside!

Another great advantage of installing child-safe blackout blinds in a bedroom or nursery is the design. These blinds are perfect fits with no cords which means they are totally safe to use in a child’s bedroom.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a great choice for children’s bedrooms, playrooms and even nurseries. There are lots of child-safe roller blinds to choose from which makes finding the right blinds that much easier. Moreover, the choice of colours and designs is superb, so finding a theme to suit a child’s interests and tastes is not only fun but also less of a challenge. Another great thing about child-safe roller blinds is that the fabric used in their construction is extremely easy to keep clean which is a must in a child’s bedroom.

Child-safe Best Blinds for a Kid’s Bedroom, Choosing the Child-safe Best Blinds for a Kid’s Bedroom, Made-to-Measure Window Blinds Direct

Roman Blinds

Child-safe Roman blinds are another great choice for a kid’s bedroom. They can add that calming feel to a space and with so many colours and patterns, finding the perfect roman blinds to suit an existing décor in a bedroom is easy.

Choosing Patterns and Colours

If you are sprucing up a child’s bedroom, playroom, or nursery and want to add a splash of colour, there’s an amazing choice of patterns and colours to choose from. Whether you opt for child-safe Roman Blinds or Roller blinds, you can really add to the room’s aesthetic appearance and the décor of a child’s bedroom.

Where to Place the Blinds

Where the blinds are placed depends on several things and there are pros and cons to consider before you install any child-safe blinds.

Inside the window recess – the pros:

  • Placing a blind inside a window recess effectively creates a neat finish
  • Blinds fit to a wooden window frame
  • Child-safe roller blinds is installable inside a window’s recess

Inside the window recess – the cons:

  • Child-safe blinds could restrict how much light comes through when the blinds are rolled up which could be an issue if the windows are on the smaller side
  • Blinds with shaped bottoms whether wavy or scalloped could let in a little light which could be an issue in a child’s bedroom or nursery

Outside the window recess – the pros

  • Allows more light to enter a child’s bedroom or nursery
  • When fully closed, blinds block out more light
  • A blind’s fabric retains its colour much better
  • There is more flexibility on size when the blind sits outside the window’s recess
  • Items storage on the windowsill
  • Child-safe Roman blinds are fit inside or outside of a window’s recess

Outside the window recess – cons

  • The batten is fixed into the wall which makes it harder to install the blinds
  • Items on the windowsill are hidden when the blinds are closed

If you decide to install Roman blinds in a child’s bedroom or nursery, it’s best to install them outside a window’s recess. However, if you choose to put up roller blinds, it’s best to install these inside the window’s recess.

No matter what type of child-safe blinds you choose to put in a kid’s bedroom, making sure they are child-safe is of paramount importance. When it comes to designs and colours, there’s a wonderful selection to choose from which makes it that much easier to find the right blinds to suit a child’s interests, tastes, and bedroom décor.