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Step into Spring with New Blinds

The daffodils are blooming, and the sun is starting to poke its head out from behind the cold clouds, but that’s not the only change that spring brings. You might be thinking of doing a spring clean, clearing out your wardrobe, or giving your home an entire makeover.

But whatever you decide to do this spring, the introduction of new blinds to your home can make a huge impact in shaping the overall décor. In addition, lovely new blinds can provide an otherwise dull or dated home with a good old freshen-up. With so many bright and breezy colour schemes to choose from in a variety of different styles, you’re in the right place.

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Magnolia Rosa Roller Blind

But where do you start? Well, at Blindz Online, we have blinds for every house, every room and every taste, so we’re here to help you step into spring with new blinds.

It’s All in The Lining

Before you get started on your journey to new spring blinds, you need to think about how you want your blinds to perform. Do you want to create a dark and cosy bedroom space to get a peaceful night’s sleep? If yes, our high-quality blackout blinds can block out the early morning sunshine and often provide sound insulating properties too. Investing in great blackout blinds for spring can also help you save money on electricity and gas during the winter months. This is due to the thicker fabric and lining that helps to keep out those pesky drafts.

Keep It Breezy and Light

But if you prefer more chilled and flowy vibes, then lightweight, neutral-coloured blinds can be ideal for spring, as they can help to let in natural light when closed and will suit the springtime vibes when open.

In particular, voile blinds would be an excellent option for a springtime look as they can maintain privacy while still letting light through. They look especially great during the warmer weather as the lighter fabric can help lighten up an interior, creating a fresh and bright look to any room.

Trendy Touches for Your Home

A spring makeover doesn’t have to stop with blinds. You may be looking to introduce some lovely home interior trends of the season and experiment with different looks. For example, this spring’s trendiest colours include forest green, grey and peacock blue (to name but a few). But of course, if these colours aren’t your thing, then you go for what works in your home. After all, you’re the one who will be enjoying it every day.

Something else to think about as part of your spring home rejuvenation is home décor, furnishings and accessories. There are quick, easy and uncompromising ways to make bold and beautiful changes to your home interior, and while the first step is with new blinds, there are so many beautiful finishing touches you can add to complete the look. Ready to step into spring? Get in touch for more information or peruse our outstanding collection of beautiful blinds on our website.

Take a look at our blinds and order FREE samples to ensure you get exactly the right colour and feel for your room.

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