Gorgeous Grey Roller Blinds

Grey roller blinds have never gone out of fashion. But for 2020 they are destined to hit the top of the charts for style, sophistication and urban chic.

Whatever the design of a room, and whatever the contrasting colours, there’s a shade of grey to create a fantastic look.

Grey Roller Blinds, Gorgeous Grey Roller Blinds, Made-to-Measure Window Blinds Direct

Grey can be cool, opulent, elegant, chic, sophisticated, daring, bold, gentle, balmy and soft. It really is such a versatile colour to choose for roller blinds. Whether you’ve got a neutral palette and need your roller blinds to blend in, or daring colours that make a bold statement, there’s a shade of grey that will tone, compliment or contrast.

During the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the colour black became the most popular colour of the nobility. As grey and white were harmonious with it, grey played an increasingly important role in fashion and art. Made of black and white, at one end of the scale, grey is the colour of a moody cloud-covered sky, of sparkling ash or brooding charcoal. While at the other it’s a cool shimmering lake, a silver lining and light slate. Add in yellows for a warmer feel, or blues for a cooler appearance.

The grey made-to-measure quality blinds we make here at BlindzOnline.co.uk add a touch of richness or comfort to any room. From bathrooms and kitchens to bedrooms, living rooms and conservatories there’s a blind to suit. What’s more our prices are unbeatable and we despatch in 24-hours.

Depending on your own design-style, with Grey Roller Blinds you can create a look that’s timeless, modern, brave or modest. The colour’s flexibility means you won’t get it wrong whatever you have in terms of colour and furniture. Our free of charge, same-day despatch samples mean you’re guaranteed to find a shade that’s right for your room.

Grey Roller Blinds, Gorgeous Grey Roller Blinds, Made-to-Measure Window Blinds Direct

We have so many shades of grey on our site that it’s difficult to choose our favourites. But for value for money, and speed of delivery you can’t go wrong with our top three here…

Splash Grey Whisper Roller Blind

Our Splash Grey Whisper roller blind is so calming and quiet it blends with an interior. Showing off its slightly warm tone, this fabric is effortlessly chic and beautifully modern. An incredibly popular choice for all rooms in the home with stylish or relaxed décor. This roller blind will prove perfect as a great all-round favourite.

Vitra Flint Roller Blind

A timelessly popular base colour in kitchens, bedrooms and home offices. The Vitra Flint roller blind brings shimmering, glittering metallic into your home. Expect warmth, thanks to its thermal qualities. As well as a room that is plunged into darkness, due to its thick blackout backing material.

Vitra Vapour Roller Blind

Dress your windows in stylish privacy and subtle grey tonal depth. The Vitra Vapour roller blind is fresh and clean, forming a fabulous team with mint green. Perfect for the all-white minimalist space, or for harmonizing with quiet pastel shades for a countryside vibe. Finished with fab blackout functionality, this high-quality blind makes instant style wonderfully simple.

From minimalistic chic to countryside comfort, our grey roller blinds work effortlessly with patterns, geometric shapes, floral designs and bright contrasting colours.

All of our blinds are…
  • Fully made-to-measure
  • Manufactured to be child-safe for peace of mind
  • Have easy to fit universal brackets
  • Have right or left controls for ease of use
  • Allow full window access when raised


We take great pride in the quality of our products. From the materials we use to every element of the mechanics. We have complete confidence that our blinds will last and look good for years to come. When purchasing from us, we want you to share this confidence. Which is why each and every one of our blinds is provided with a no-quibble, 3-year guarantee.

Want the best possible prices, while retaining quality? No problem! Our prices are the very best available online.  Need quick delivery – even for made-to-measure? That’s not an issue either. We despatch our Splash Grey Whisper, Vitra Flint and Vitra Vapour grey roller blinds within 24 hours.

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