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Gold blinds for the autumn-to-winter transition

It’s no secret that gold can take us from autumn to winter really well. By installing seasonal gold blinds for the colder months, you can make the most of the lower light levels. Plus, you can bring the autumnal hues of your home into the regal winter metallics with ease. Today, we’ll share the benefits of gold blinds for the autumn-to-winter transition and how you can capture this evolving colour story.

Why gold is a great transitional colour

We all know gold looks great with burgundy, oranges and browns; so your fall palette is covered. But you can also take the hue right into winter by adding some frosting. Evoke a Christmassy feel with reds and whites. All the while, your gold blinds for the autumn-to-winter transition will provide a frame for your seasonal motifs. Lastly, if you choose a softer shade, it is possible to keep gold blinds looking fresh all year round.

Seasonal gold blinds

To help you choose, we’ve selected a range of gold and yellow blinds that add something unique to your space.

Gold blinds for the autumn, Gold blinds for the autumn-to-winter transition, Made-to-Measure Window Blinds Direct

Best for Smart Homes – Motorised Splash Amalfi Roller Blind

With a Google Home or Amazon Echo, this blind comes to life. Build routines to accommodate the changing sunrise and sunset for a bespoke lighting scheme. Plus, the soft yellow shade works even beyond the colder months and can be transformed into a spring or summery theme with clever accent colours. Bring this motorised blind into your bedroom, living room or office to make the most of its smart features.

Helps Prevent Flu – Louvolite Carnival Coronasafe Amber Vertical Blind

This clever blind is treated with top-of-the-line coatings that are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-pollen and better for the environment than a lot of chemical treatments. That makes these gold blinds a great option for children’s rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms where germs are more prevalent. They’re even appropriate for healthcare or corporate settings.

Gold blinds for the autumn, Gold blinds for the autumn-to-winter transition, Made-to-Measure Window Blinds Direct

Ideal Light Filtering- Yellow Aluminium Venetian Blind

A more low-tech option, these metal Venetian blinds allow you to get the maximum amount of light in without sacrificing privacy. Just set the slats open and upwards to keep onlookers unaware while making the most of the limited sun in the colder months. Fit these blinds in your living room, kitchen, office or on french patio doors for a sophisticated choice.

Best on a Budget – Louvolite Terrazzo Gold Roller Blind

The beautiful light flecks in this gold roller blind are a very unique, attractive and affordable option for gold blinds to see you through the winter months. They make the perfect opulent statement without costing the world. Pair them with rich jewel tones like ruby and sapphire to see the colour really sing. These roller blinds work well in any room and require minimal upkeep, cleaning and maintenance. Use them as a foundational piece for a cottagecore, traditional or maximalist aesthetic.

Not really finding exactly what you’d like in this list? Shop all of our gold blinds for the autumn-to-winter transition here.